Susan Stone

Research Expertise and Interest

family, human behavior, social welfare, methods, social work and education

Research Description

Susan Stone is the Catherine Mary and Eileen Clare Hutto Professor of Social Services in Public Education at the School of Social Welfare.

An expert on social work in education and its impact on the academic progress of vulnerable youth in schools, Dr. Stone‚Äôs research interests include understanding family and school influences on child and adolescent academic performance, especially for urban and at-risk children and youth; parenting under stress; family treatment; linking families, schools, and communities; school-based social work practice; mixing quantitative and qualitative methods; and multi-level statistical modeling.

Dr. Stone is widely published in academic journals. Her 2010 publication, School Social Work: An Evidence-Informed Framework for Practice, offers school social work students and practitioners a new framework for choosing interventions based on a synthesis of evidence-based practice and recent conceptual frameworks of school social work clinical practice offered by leading scholars and policymakers.

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