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Research Expertise and Interest

French, early modern French literary, political history, the enlightenment, human rights

Research Description

Professor Maslan works on early modern French literary and political history. She is currently at work on a book-length project called "Citizen/Human: Literature and Human rights in France, 1640-1795." Publications include: Essays on human rights published in Comparative Literature Studies, SubStance, and publications in France and Germany; "Melancoly Racine: Benjamin's Trauerspiel and Literary Jews," Yale French Studies 124 (2014);  Revolutionary Acts: Theater, Democracy, and the French Revolution (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005; paperback in press); "The Antihuman: Man and Citizen before the Declaration of the Rights of Man," SAQ (2004); "Susannah at her Bath: Surveillance and Revolutionary Drama" Eighteenth-Century Studies (2001); "La fémininité juive et le problème de la représentation dramatique" Papers on 17th Century French Literature (1999); "Resisting Representation: Theater and Democracy in Revolutionary France" Representations (1995).  Articles in press on comedy; human rights; theatrical representations of equality.

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