Research Expertise and Interest

instrumentation, medical imaging reconstruction, contrast, MRI, Magnetic Particle Imaging

Research Description

Low-cost MRI, Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI), tracking stem cells in vivo with MRI and MPI, Immunotherapy, Early stage Cancer Diagnosis, Stroke, diagnosis Cardiovascular disease diagnosis, safe contrast agents, Ventilation-Perfusion Imaging with Zero Radiation for Pulmonary Embolism diagnosis, gut bleed diagnosis without Nuclear Medicine, tracking White Blood Cells to Tumors with zero radiation, medical image reconstruction medical imaging instrumentation.

In the News

Highlighting Disease by Making the Body Transparent

It’s still some years off, but Steven Conolly aims to see disease in a totally new way. He leads research on an emerging Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) technology that already can peer past tissue or organs to detect disease deep within the body.
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