Slawomir W. Hermanowicz

Research Expertise and Interest

water quality management, biofilms, membrane processes, water reuse, biological processes for water quality, physical sustainability

Research Description

Slawomir W. Hermanowicz is a professor of the graduate school in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  His research focus includes sustainability engineering, membrane reactors, biofilm structure and modeling, biological processes in water and wastewater treatment and analysis of full-scale treatment processes. Professor Hermanowicz is also working on metrics of sustainable development with particular applications for engineering decision-making and water reuse. His other research interests include complexity, chaotic dynamics and fractal geometry with applications to engineering, science and business.

In the News

NSF funds interdisciplinary team's grey water disinfection plan

A UC Berkeley team has been awarded a $2 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for research on biologically-inspired technologies for grey water reuse and thermal energy management that may propel sustainable building into a new era.The grant comes from the NSF’s Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation’s 2010 Science in Energy and Environmental Design program for engineering sustainable buildings. Leading UC Berkeley’s award-winning research team as principal investigator is Maria Paz-Gutierrez, assistant professor of architecture in the College of Environmental Design, and the only architect serving as principal investigator for any of the NSF’s eight EFRI-SEED grants this year.

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