Scott L. Stephens

Scott L. Stephens

Professor of Fire Science
Dept of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
(510) 642-7304
Research Expertise and Interest
global change, fire, forestry, fire ecology, fire behavior, environmental biology/ecology, forest policy
Research Description

I am interested in the interactions of wildland fire and ecosystems. This includes how prehistoric fires once interacted with ecosystems, how current wildland fires are affecting ecosystems, and how future fires, changing climates, and management may change this interaction. I am also interested in forest and fire policy and how it can be improved to meet the challenges of the next decades, both in the US and internationally.

In the News

June 11, 2012

Let it burn: Prescribed fires pose little danger to forest ecology, study says

UC Berkeley-led research is giving the green light to fighting fire with fire. An analysis of controlled burns and mechanical thinning nationwide did not find substantial ecological harm from fuel-reduction treatments used to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. And with a rise in wildfires predicted in many parts of the country, researchers say more treatments are needed to manage this risk.