Sandrine Dudoit

Research Expertise and Interest

statistics, machine learning, data science, applied statistics, statistical computing, computational biology, computational genomics, Precision Medicine, precision health

Research Description

Sandrine Dudoit is a professor in the Department of Statistics and in the Division of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health and a member of the Center for Computational Biology.  Her research and teaching activities concern the development and application of statistical learning methods and software for the analysis of high-throughput -omic data and for precision health and medicine. 

In the News

Neuroscientists roll out first comprehensive atlas of brain cells

When you clicked to read this story, a band of cells across the top of your brain sent signals down your spine and out to your hand to tell the muscles in your index finger to press down with just the right amount of pressure to activate your mouse or track pad. A slew of new studies now shows that the area of the brain responsible for initiating this action — the primary motor cortex, which controls movement — has as many as 116 different types of cells that work together to make this happen.
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