Professor Lewis: A young smiling woman wearing glasses in a blue, collared shirt.

Research Expertise and Interest

mitochondrial biogenesis, mitochondrial genome inheritance, organelle assembly, DNA replication, cell metabolism, interactions between membrane-bound organelles

Research Description

Within each of our cells, the genetic control of metabolism is split between the nuclear genome and thousands of small, circular mitochondrial genomes. The co-regulation of these two genomes is required for aerobic life, yet paradoxically, their replication and inheritance are uncoupled. Defects in mitochondrial DNA cause hereditary metabolic diseases that impact tissues with high energy demand such as the brain, muscle, and heart, and are also linked to cancer and the innate immune response. The Lewis Lab team aims to reveal the mechanisms that ensure mtDNA integrity and inheritance in animal cells, using quantitative imaging, genetics, and systems biology approaches.

Key Publications:

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