Rauri C.K. Bowie

Rauri C.K. Bowie

Dept of Integrative Biology
(510) 643-1617
Research Expertise and Interest
ornithology, Africa, evolutionary biology
Research Description

Rauri Bowie is a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley.  His research broadly encompasses the seven interrelated research themes described below:

(1) determination of the timing and direction of African-Asian faunal exchanges; (2) the use of molecular markers, morphology, molt (in birds) and GIS to infer current and historical population processes at various temporal and spatial scales across different landscapes - including rainforest sky-islands in tropical Africa, the arid-savanna/fynbos/forest ecotone in southern Africa, mountain systems of California, and among isolated colonies of seabirds and other marine fauna; (3) investigation of evolutionary versus ecological processes as determinants of distribution patterns; (4) evolution of life-history traits, extent of sex-ratio manipulation and extra-pair paternity in birds; (5) diversification and taxonomy of sunbirds (Old-World ecological analogues of hummingbirds); (6) disease ecology of avian malaria; (7) investigation of candidate loci underpinning morphological and physiological adaptation.

His research is question driven as opposed to taxon driven, although his primarily focus is on birds (particularly from Africa). He also has a keen interest in the evolutionary biology of small mammals, marine molluscs, inshore rockfish and insects.

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