Raluca O. Scarlat

Research Expertise and Interest

molten salt, graphite, advanced nuclear reactors, tritium, fusion blankets, electrochemistry, corrosion, thermodynamics, nuclear reactor safety, nuclear reactor design, nuclear reactor licensing, nuclear energy, advanced reactors, high temperature rheology, high temperature tribology, engineering ethics, ethics

Research Description

Raluca Scarlat's work focuses on electrochemistry and physical chemistry of molten salts and chemistry of graphite at high temperature, with application to development and licensing of advanced nuclear fusion and fission reactors, fusion and fission. Prof. Scarlat research areas include chemistry and materials at high temperature, corrosion, tritium management, safety analysis, and engineering ethics.

In the News

Nuclear Power Renaissance

UC Berkeley researchers are working to revisit and reinvent molten salt technologies, paving the way for advanced nuclear energy systems and a carbon-free future.
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