Per Peterson

Per F. Peterson

Professor of Nuclear Engineering
Dept of Nuclear Engineering
(510) 643-7749
(510) 643-9685
Research Expertise and Interest
nuclear engineering, heat and mass transfer, reactor thermal hydraulics, nuclear reactor design, radioactive waste, nuclear materials management
Research Description

His research interests focus on topics in heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, and phase change. He has worked on problems in energy and environmental systems, including advanced reactors, inertial fusion energy, high level nuclear waste processing, and nuclear materials management. His research group currently focuses on reactor safety and licensing, with a focus toward advanced reactors.

In the News

May 9, 2016

An Energy Strategy that Can Take the Heat

Water and energy are tightly linked in the 21st century. Per Peterson’s research seeks to develop water-saving ways of cooling energy plants, both nuclear and solar.  

August 3, 2011

Nuclear commission outlines new strategies for managing radioactive waste

The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future has released a draft report that recommends significant changes to the U.S. strategy for managing the country’s growing stockpile of high-level nuclear waste. Per Peterson, UC Berkeley professor and chair of nuclear engineering, is one of 15 members of the commission, which was formed in 2010 after plans to store nuclear waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain were halted.

April 1, 2010

Rethinking nuclear power

With climate change concerns escalating, fossil fuel supplies diminishing and electricity consumption expected to double in 10 years, nuclear power has regained some of its lost luster.