Oscar Dubon

Research Expertise and Interest

magnetic, optical materials, processing, properties in electronic

Research Description

Oscar Dubon is a professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering. 

The understanding of graphene growth on metal substrates is far from complete, yet it has significant consequences for the final film properties. We use low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM) to characterize in-situ graphene growth on metal substrates. By measuring the growth velocity as a function of the carbon adatom concentration, we gain insight into the fundamental processes that control graphene growth. Epitaxial graphene growth on metal substrates is unique in that the film lies a few angstroms above the metal substrate but the edges are bonded to the substrate more strongly than the interior. We investigate the consequences of this strong edge binding for the growth process, including its effects on growth velocity, island morphology, and island impingement.

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