Ori Ganor

Research Expertise and Interest

string (and M-) theory, quantum field theory, mathematical physics

Research Description

Ori Ganor is a string theorist and his research is focused on various aspects of M-theory, quantum field theories, strong/weak dualities, and connections to Number Theory. He is particularly interested in the behavior of branes in strong ambient flux, and the new types of, often nonlocal, interactions they induce. I am currently exploring a higher dimensional generalization of dipoles, called curvepoles, which can describe aspects of interactions of M-theory's fivebranes and strong flux. He is also studying strong/weak dualities by compactification with duality twists,as well as string theory systems that exhibit behavior similar to the fractional quantum Hall effect.  His research interests also include the mathematical physics of indices of supersymmetric string theories, particularly higher dimensional.

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