Onja Razafindratsima

Research Expertise and Interest

tropical ecology, community ecology, plant-animal interactions, primatology, biodiversity

Research Description

Onja Razafindratsima is an ecologist, broadly interested in tropical ecology, plant-animal interactions and community ecology. She also aims to apply her research findings to biodiversity conservation. Much of her work has been conducted in the tropical forests of Madagascar, with a focus on lemurs and plants. However, she has been collaborating on ecological research in other systems. She has been involved in projects that aims to:

  • provide new insights about the roles and impacts of frugivorous vertebrates in terrestrial systems as seed dispersal agents,
  • identify mechanisms that underlie the structure of ecological communities
  • characterize biodiversity responses to ecological changes (e.g., land use, defaunation, invasive species)
  • investigate the drivers and consequences of species extinctions
  • apply ecological research to guide forest restoration and biodiversity conservation

She often uses an integrative approach combining empirical work, such as field surveys and experiments, with simulation-based modeling and phylogenetic tools to address her research questions at various spatial and temporal scales.

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