Research Expertise and Interest

forest ecology, disturbance ecology, forest management

Research Description

Miranda Redmond is an assistant professor in Forest Science and Climate Change in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. Her research focuses on understanding the effects of climate and disturbances on forest dynamics as a way of informing land management decisions. Her work covers a breadth of topics in forest science and climate change, including the environmental drivers of tree demography (seed production, recruitment, growth, and survival), the causes and consequences of forest disturbances, tree population adaptation, and ecological forecasting of demographic events. Through co-developed research with partners and stakeholders, she also identify strategies to enhance forest resilience to global change and to meet diverse management objectives. She uses a variety of tools and methods, including observational field surveys, dendrochronology, and experimental studies. She also draws upon publicly available geospatial data, long-term research sites, spatially extensive inventory and monitoring data, and archival records to broaden the temporal and spatial-scope of research studies.

In the News

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