Meng Lin

Meng C. Lin

Professor; Director of UC Berkeley Clinical Research Center; Co-Chief of Dry Eye Clinic; Chief of Ocular Surface Imaging Clinic
School of Optometry
510 643-8447 (office); 510 643 9252 (CRC)
(510) 642 7927
Research Expertise and Interest
contact lenses, vision, clinical trials (phase I - Phase IV), clinical trial designs, tear film, biomedical devices, ocular surface
Research Description

Research Focus: 1) effect of contact lenses and lens care solutions on ocular surface integrity (e.g., rheology of tear film, corneal epithelial barrier function); (2) inherent differences in ocular surface integrity among different ethnic groups and how these differences contribute to success or failure in contact lens wear; (3) understanding genetic and environmental factors on non-contact-lens-induced dry eye and tear film stability; and (4) factors affecting post-lens aqueous tear mixing under soft contact lenses

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