Lee Bernstein

Research Expertise and Interest

nuclear science data, nuclear engineering, experimental nuclear physics, isotopes, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear science, nuclear weapons

Research Description

Lee Bernstein is an associate professor in the UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering where he teaches the upper-level nuclear physics course (NE101/210M) and has developed two courses on nuclear physics in high energy density plasmas (290J) and applied nuclear science related to non-proliferation (290A).  He leads the Bay Area Nuclear Data (BAND) group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC-Berkeley.  BAND works to address the nuclear data needs of basic and applied nuclear science while training the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers.  This includes measuring cross sections for the production of radioisotopes for medical, national security and energy applications[1],[2],[3],  determining nuclear properties important for accurate reaction[4],[5] and fission[6] modeling and developing new high-intensity neutron sources for isotope production[7],[8] and neutron scintillator characterization[9].

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