Lauren Kroiz

Research Expertise and Interest

art history, Modern Art, Art of the United States, American art, visual culture, material culture studies, photography, Race and Visuality, regionalism, Art Education, creativity, Amateurism

Research Description

Lauren Kroiz’s research focuses on modern art in, and in exchange with, the United States. She is particularly interested in: theories of modernism and avant-gardism; the history and theory of photography; race and representation; relationships between regionalism and globalism; art education; amateurism in the cultural sphere; understandings of creativity; modernist animism; and theories of tactility. Kroiz authored Creative Composites: Modernism, Race, and the Stieglitz Circle (2012, Phillips Book Prize Winner) and a forthcoming book studying the ways regionalist educational projects linked art and citizenship in the United States during the 1930s and 40s.

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