Kameshwar Poolla

Cadence Distinguished Professor
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Division of Electrical Engineering/EECS
(510) 520-1150
(510) 642-6163
Research Expertise and Interest
cybersecurity, modeling, control, renewable energy, estimation, integrated circuit design and manufacturing, smart grids
Research Description

My theoretical research is centered around developing new tools in modeling, control, and estimation problems for complex interconnected systems. In my group we develop new algorthms for modeling nonlinear systems, state and parameter estimation of disributed systems, and study convergence and complexity properties of our methods. My theoretical work is driven by and applied in two distinct application areas:

IC design and manufacturing: Here we are working on understanding and mitigating the effects of process variability on integrated circuit performance by making adjustments in the circuit design. This general area is called DfM or design for manufacturability. Some of the specific problems we are looking at include - yield estimation, transistor sizing, adaptive metrology.

Smart Grids: The planned deep integration (>20%) of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid presents significant challenges because of the variability of these sources. To realize this ambitious target, we will need a portfolio of technology and market solutions. We are investigating two broad approaches to to enable this deep integration: coordinated aggregation of distributed resources (ex: storage, demand response, PVs), and novel market mechanisms (ex: intraday markets, risk-limiting dispatch).

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