Research Expertise and Interest

marine mammals, pre-clinical models of disease

Research Description

José Pablo Vázquez-Medina is an assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley.  He studies mechanisms of adaptation to natural and anthropogenic stressors in marine mammals and pre-clinical models of disease at the cellular and organismal levels. His research group aims to understand the role of redoxi biology in physiological adaptation. Current projects include 1) the physiological consequences of chronic stress exposure in marine mammals, 2) cellular mechanisms underlying the diving response, and 3) the regulation of the antioxidant protein peroxiredoxin.

In the News

Is English the lingua franca of science? Not for everyone.

English has become the de facto language of science: International conferences are held in English, the world’s top scientific journals are in English and academics in non-English speaking countries get promoted based on their publications in English language journals. Even scientific jargon is in English — most non-English speakers use English terms and don’t bother inventing equivalent words in their native languages.
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