Jeroen Dewulf

Research Expertise and Interest

Dutch studies, transatlantic slavery, German literature, European Studies, post-colonial studies, hybridity

Research Description

Jeroen Dewulf's main area of research is Dutch and Portuguese colonial history, with a focus on the transatlantic slave trade and the culture and religion of African-descended people in the American diaspora. He also studies other aspects of Dutch, German, and Portuguese literature, culture, and history. 

He is the author of the following books:

2022, Afro-Atlantic Catholics: America’s First Black Christians. Notre Dame, IN: Notre Dame University Press.

2020, (with Luc Renders) The Congo in Flemish Literature: An Anthology of Flemish Prose on the Congo, 1870s - 1990s. Leuven: Leuven University Press.

2018, Grijs slavernijverleden? Over zwarte milities en redimoesoegedrag. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

2017, From the Kingdom of Kongo to Congo Square: Kongo Dances and the Origins of the Mardi Gras Indians. Lafayette: University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press.

2017, The Pinkster King and the King of Kongo: The Forgotten History of America’s Dutch-Owned Slaves. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi.

2013, (with Olf Praamstra and Michiel van Kempen) Shifting the Compass: Pluricontinental Connections in Dutch Colonial and Postcolonial Literature. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

2010, Spirit of Resistance: Dutch Clandestine Literature during the Nazi Occupation. Rochester, NY: Camden House.

2007, Brasilien mit Brüchen. Schweizer unter dem Kreuz des Südens. Zürich: Verlag der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung.

2004, Gramática da Língua Neerlandesa. São Paulo: Humanitas.

2000, Hugo Loetscher und die ‘Portugiesischsprachige Welt‘. Bern: Peter Lang Verlag.

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