Jeffrey MacKie-Mason

Research Expertise and Interest

information systems, digital content, human behavior, online behavior

Research Description

Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason is the University Librarian and Chief Digital Scholarship Officer, University of California, Berkeley, and a professor in the UC Berkeley School of Information and the Department of Economics.

His research and teaching mix mostly economics with some computer science, and a bit of psychology (cognitive, and increasingly social) thrown in. In recent years he's addressed human information behavior online, and the design and performance of information systems and digital content. Applications include the design of complex online markets (and development of emerging empirical game theory techniques), user-contributed content, individual privacy and security, pricing and bundling of digital information, and congestion pricing for Internet services. His approach is incentive-centered design which accounts for the behavior of autonomous, motivated and often strategic humans when designing systems.

He also works on competition policy and antitrust, especially for information technology-related industries. In the past he contributed to research on taxation and corporate behavior, and public utility pricing.

Featured in the Media

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March 16, 2021
Michael Hiltzi
UC announced Tuesday a new four-year deal with Netherlands-based Elsevier that will make all research published by UC authors in some 2,500 Elsevier journals subject to the open-access publishing model. "We're a public institution, and almost all of the research done by our scholars is funded by taxpayer dollars," says UC Berkeley professor Jeff MacKie-Mason, who is also the university librarian and was co-chair of UC's negotiating team. "We're doing this to make the results of that research available to the people who are paying for it rather than making them pay again to read it." For more on this, see our press release at Berkeley News.
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