Jeffrey Q. Chambers

Research Expertise and Interest

forests, climate change, trees, tropical forests, remote sensing, Drought, hurricanes, fires

Research Description

Jeffrey Q. Chambers is a Professor of Geography at UC Berkeley, and a Faculty Scientist in the Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division(link is external) at Berkeley Lab. His research is focused on terrestrial ecosystem ecology, forests and climate change, disturbance and recovery processes, and land-atmosphere interactions. Methods employed to address research questions include ecological and physiological field measurements, remote sensing analyses, and simulation modeling to codify knowledge and develop regional projections. He has more than 25 years of forest research experience, including current activities in Puerto Rico, Panama, the Brazilian Amazon, and California.


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April 29, 2019
Ezra David Romero
Geography professor Jeffrey Chambers has modeled a computer program to help California quickly detect wildfires. He was inspired by real-time data -- including satellite photographs taken of the state every five minutes -- during the devastating Camp Fire last November, and decided it was just a matter of developing an app that could use the tools available to quickly spot fires and alert emergency responders. "We need some kind of a statewide way of coordinating this and these technological capabilities are an important part of helping to make that happen," he says. For more on this, see our press release at Berkeley News.
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