James Sethian

Research Expertise and Interest

mathematics, applied mathematics, partial differential equations, computational physics, level set Methods, computational fluid mechanics and materials sciences. fast marching methods

Research Description

Applications of computational schemes for partial differential equations to such areas as semiconductor manufacturing, two and multi-phase fluid flows, industrial processes, including microjetting and efficient combustion, optimization in structural design, image segmentation in medical imaging and inverse problems, wave propapagation. Inverse problems and data extraction from experiment, especially those from synchrotron science and microscopy.

In the News

Heady mathematics: Describing popping bubbles in a foam

Two University of California, Berkeley, researchers have now described mathematically the successive stages in the complex evolution and disappearance of foamy bubbles, a feat that could help in modeling industrial processes in which liquids mix or in the formation of solid foams such as those used to cushion bicycle helmets.

Three faculty members named to National Academy of Sciences

In recognition of their excellence in original scientific research, three UC Berkeley faculty members have been elected members of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), one of the highest honors given to a scientist or engineer in the United States.

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