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biological rhythms, seasonality, behavioral endocrinology, melatonin, suprachiasmatic nucleus, reproductive physiology, behavior, ultradian rhythms, sex differences

Research Description

We study how mammals orient in time, with emphasis on reproductive physiology and behavior. Current projects emphasize specification of neuroendocrine substrates for ultradian rhythms in hamsters.

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August 17, 2020
Gavin Butler
Women are overmedicated and experience adverse drug pharmaceutical reactions almost twice as often as men because clinical trials are typically male-dominated, according to a new study. Scientists at UC Berkeley and the University of Chicago found that sex bias in clinical trials means the US Food and Drugs Administration is often approving drugs - and determining correct dosages - based predominantly upon their observed effects on men, without taking into account the possibility that others might react differently to the substance. Irving Zucker, lead study author and a professor emeritus of integrative biology at UC Berkeley, said in a statement that "when it comes to prescribing drugs, a one-size-fits-all approach, based on male-dominated clinical trials, is not working, and women are getting the short end of the stick." For more on this, see our press release at Berkeley News.
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