Ilan Adler

Research Expertise and Interest

mathematical programming, computational game theory, applied probability

Research Description

Ilan Adler is a Chancellor's professor in the department of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, which he joined in 1970, and served as a chair in 2003 (acting) and 2005-2008. Professor Adler holds a B.A in Economics and Statistics from the Hebrew University in Israel (1966), a M.Sc. in Operations Research from the Technion in Israel (1967), and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Stanford (1970). Professor Adler is an affiliated Professor (2016-2020) in Tsinghua University, and a faculty member in the Tsinghua-Berkeley-Shenzhen-Institute (TBSI).

His research is in:

  • Interior Point Algorithms for Linear & Convex Programming Models
  • Combinatorial & Geometrical Approaches to Mathematical Programming
  • Computer Aided Scheduling and Routing
  • Probabilistic Analysis of Mathematical Programming Algorithms


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