Research Expertise and Interest

Spanish literature: poetry, poetic theory, narrative and culture, history of the book, Cervantes, Don Quixote, Celestina, Everyday Life, Medieval and Early Modern Spanish literature. Modern Spain.

Research Description

Ignacio Navarrete's research focuses on Spanish Peninsular literature, particularly the 15th through the 17th centuries. His first book project, Orphans of Petrarch, traced the impact of the imitation of Petrarch and other Italian poets, on poetry and poetic theory in Spain from Juan del Encina through Quevedo, focusing on Boscán, Garcilaso, Herrera, and Góngora. His second project examines the impact of printing on narrative culture c. 1500. This project cuts across a number of narrative genres, including hagiography, frame tales, historiography, and the sentimental novel. A new project examines the representation of everyday life. 

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