Research Expertise and Interest

genetics and genomics, genomics, landscape genetics, evolution, population genetics, conservation, herpetology, GIS, spatial analysis, statistical methods, epigenetics

Research Description

Ian Wang studies the ways in which geographic and environmental variation shape patterns of genetic and morphological variation.  His major research interests lie within three areas in this general framework: 1) landscape genetics, 2) ecological and conservation genomics, and 3) phenotypic evolution.

Current research projects in his lab include:

  • Landscape genetic studies through time in amphibians and reptiles from California
  • Convergence and parallel evolution in the adapative radiation of Anolis lizards
  • Variation in aposematic traits in poison frogs
  • Conservation genetics in urban-wildland habitat mosaics

Across all of these topics, the work in his lab seeks to integrate genetic, ecological, and landscape data, using a variety of approaches, to gain a more complete understanding of natural diversity.

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