Hannah Stuart working with Laura Treers on a burrowing robot

Research Expertise and Interest

robotics, dynamics, design-based research, exoskeleton systems, bioinspired robots, marine systems, dexterous manipulation, hands, grasping, Mechanism Design, human-robot interaction

Research Description

Robotic devices face a rapidly expanding range of potential applications, including remote exploration, search-and-rescue, and human and household assistance. In many of these cases, dexterous manipulation and hands are at the heart of physical interactions. However, current machines have limited capabilities in comparison to their biological counterparts. Our group improves robot and human dexterity through building end-effectors and mechanisms with embodied intelligence and robustness, especially for challenging unstructured environments. This includes the design of (1) novel grippers, hands and exoskeletons, (2) touch perception for autonomous or teleoperated interventions and (3) bioinspired manipulation strategies. This vision includes the advancement of relevant design analysis tools and the validation of concepts by applying technologies in the field.

In the News

Digging Deep

The unassuming Pacific mole crab, Emerita analoga, is about to make some waves. UC Berkeley researchers have debuted a unique robot inspired by this burrowing crustacean that may someday help evaluate the soil of agricultural sites, collect marine data and study soil and rock conditions at construction sites.
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