head shot of Grigory Tikhomirov

Research Expertise and Interest

bioengineering, nanofabrication, nanorobotics, biosystems and computational biology, energy, integrated circuits, micro/nano electro mechanical systems, physical electronics

Research Description

Greg Tikhomirov is an assistant professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, with a background in chemistry, bioengineering, medicine, and nanotechnology. He has a longstanding dream to engineer life-like artificial systems, motivated by the realization that incomprehensible natural complexity arises from comprehensible fundamental laws. Ti Lab at Berkeley is pursuing the design and fabrication of devices with atomic precision by combining the strengths of rational top-down engineering and bottom-up biomolecular assembly. A key goal is to adopt the powerful but still proof-of-concept self-assembly approaches of DNA nanotechnology to engineer new, useful devices.

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