Gerard Marriott

Gerard Marriott

Dept of Bioengineering
Research Expertise and Interest
Sensors and biosensors, drug delivery systems, optical spectroscopy and microscopy, high-contrast imaging, biomaterials
Research Description

The Marriott lab conducts technology-driven research at the interface of bioengineering, chemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology and chemical biology. These studies are advanced through his long-standing interest in the synthesis and application of optical probes and sensors for high sensitive detection and imaging of proteins in living cells, at-home diagnostics and wearable devices. He has published extensively on microscopy techniques to measure absolute parameters of fluorescence emission, and for high-contrast imaging in high-background environments, including optical lock-in detection microscopy (OLID).  

Current interests include:

​Optical probes and sensors

Molecular actuators

Smart biomaterials

Wearable devices

Drug delivery systems

Microscopy and in vivo imaging

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