Fyodor Urnov

Fyodor Urnov

Dept of Molecular & Cell Biology
Research Expertise and Interest
CRISPR-based genome and epigenome editing
Research Description

Development and advancement to the clinic of novel approaches to treat human disease using CRISPR-based genome and epigenome editing.

Fundamental mechanisms of CRISPR-based enzyme action in clinically relevant primary human cells.

Fine-resolution structure-function of the human epigenome.

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September 27, 2019
Emily Mullin
Molecular and cell biology professor Fyodor Urnov will be co-leading a research project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to use CRISPR gene-editing technology in the development of a temporary, reversible radiation countermeasure for toxic radiation exposure. The researchers will use a modified version of CRISPR to turn genes on and off to boost proteins that protect against radiation while subduing harmful ones, without permanently changing the DNA code. It would take the form of a pill or injection, and would be used with soldiers, first responders, and civilians who need to enter areas with dangerous radiation levels. "This is like giving people a molecular coat of armor," Professor Urnov says.
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