Eric Y. Ma

Research Expertise and Interest

atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics and materials science

Research Description

Eric Yue Ma is the Georgia Lee Chair in Physics and an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and EECS. Most practical phenomena, except those related to nuclear reactions, can be well described by atomic nuclei and electrons interacting with electromagnetic fields (photons) and gravity. The electromagnetic (EM) interaction becomes increasingly important at smaller length scales and dominates in the meso- and microscopic world.

His research lab is interested in studying this EM interaction that involves condensed matter -- solids and liquids alike, in uncommon regimes. These include at length scales much smaller than the electromagnetic wavelengths, in systems where radiative decay dominates, and at unconventional frequencies like THz, mid-infrared and deep ultraviolet. These topics often lie at the interface between Photonics and Quantum Materials. Check out our lab website for more ideas.

They are particularly focused on developing new instruments and protocols that provide unique insights. To achieve this, they create and combine a wide range of techniques that span the broad spectral range between microwave (GHz, ╬╝eV) and ultraviolet (PHz, ~10 eV), in the form of electronics, optics, and scanning probe microscopy, and collaborate extensively.

They like to leverage the immense industrial progress in computation, imaging, lithography, wireless and telecommunication whenever possible. Combined with creativity and maker's spirit, this approach often allows them to carry out unique experiments with a tiny budget but more fun. Conversely, they always keep an eye out for potential applications in these fields, within academia and beyond.

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