Eric Falci

Research Expertise and Interest

20th-Century Irish and British literature, contemporary Irish and British poetry, poetry and music

Research Description

Eric Falci is a professor in the Department of English.  He is the author of three books - Continuity and Change in Irish Poetry, 1966-2010 (2012); The Cambridge Introduction to British Poetry, 1945-2010 (2015); and The Value of Poetry (2020) - as well as a number of essays on Irish and British poetry.  With Paige Reynolds, he co-edited Irish Literature in Transition, 1980-2020 (2022).  He is the series editor of Cambridge Elements in Poetry and Poetics.  He is also the author of a book of poetry, Late Along the Edgelands (2019).  He's currently completing "Modern Poetry and the Problem of Music," a book about the conjunctions and disjunctions between poetry and music in 19th- and 20th-century British, Irish, and American literature.  

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