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Research Expertise and Interest

chemical engineering, catalytic materials, heterogeneous catalysis, chemical reaction engineering, methane and biomass coversion processes, refining processes, hydrogen generation, alkane activation deoxygenatiion and desulfurization catalysis, zeolites

Research Description

Professor Iglesia has been involved in studies of heterogeneous catalysts for the direct and indirect conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons, uses of light alkanes in desulfurization and de-NOx, reactions, dehydrogenation of light alkanes to alkenes and aromatics, catalytic reforming and cracking processes, for low-temperature isomerization, alkylation, and combustion reactions. Current research projects also include the practical use of catalytic membranes to combine reaction and separation functions in alkane dehydrogenation and conversion processes and the development of theoretical methods for predicting the structure, transport, and chemical properties of porous solid catalysts. His research group at Berkeley combines expertise and facilities for the synthesis of novel catalytic solids, their in-situ structural and mechanistic characterization, and the detailed modeling of kinetic and transport processes in catalytic processes relevant to oil refining and petrochemical synthesis.

In the News

Enrique Iglesia receives 2021 NACS award

The NACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Catalysis recognizes an individual who has advanced catalytic chemistry or engineering by significant service to the catalysis community in addition to technical accomplishments.

Featured in the Media

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January 9, 2020
Linda Wang
Chemical engineering professor Enrique Iglesia, chemistry and molecular and cell biology professor Alanna Schepartz, chemistry professor Kevan Shokat, and postdoctoral chemistry scholar Anna Wuttig are among this year's American Chemical Society National Award winners. The honor recognizes contributions of major significance to the chemistry field. Professor Iglesia is cited for "outstanding contributions to chemistry and engineering concepts with broad impact on the practice of catalytic transformations." Professor Schepartz is cited for "pioneering and creative development and application of alpha- and beta-peptides to explore and expand the chemistry in biology." Professor Shokat is cited for the "development of chemical tools and drug candidates that precisely regulate individual kinases and GTPases to re-wire signaling pathways in cancer." And Anna Wuttig is cited for "contributions to energy conversion chemistry by developing comprehensive mechanistic models for the catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to chemical fuels driven by renewable electricity."
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