Elliot Turiel

Research Expertise and Interest

development, education, cognition, human development, development of social judgments and action, the development of moral reasoning, children’s conceptions of authority, rules in school settings, culture and social development

Research Description

Elliot Turiel is a professor in the School of Education.   His research focuses on social and moral development. He has formulated a theory of domains of social development involving the development of moral judgments (based on concepts of welfare, justice, and rights) and their distinction, throughout development, from understandings of the conventions and customs of societies - as well as from arenas of personal jurisdiction. He has applied the theoretical approach to the study of the relations of morality and culture. His research shows that cultures are not homogeneous and that different groups in social hierarchies disagree on how to apply considerations of justice and equality.  His research investigates social opposition and moral resistance to cultural practices perceived as unjust. He studies ways children, adolescents, and adults attempt to counter inequalities (such as those based on gender) with overt and covert activities aimed at changing and subverting practices that favor those in positions of power in the social hierarchy. Current research also is examining: the development of judgments about social equality and inequality; and the development of sentiments and judgments about the value of life.

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