Douglas Koshland

Research Expertise and Interest

higher order chromosome structure, genome integrity, sister chromatid cohesion, chromosome condensation, desiccation tolerance, microbial genetics

Research Description

The Koshland laboratory uses budding yeast to explore fundamental processes in cell biology including, cell division, chromosome segregation, higher-order chromosome structure, genome evolution, and stress biology. Remarkably, the molecular bases of these processes remain major unsolved mysteries of cell biology. To solve these mysteries, we begin by using genetics to identify key components and define the significance of their biological function.  We discover the molecular function of these components by using the genetic concepts and genetic reagents as a critical foundation for molecular, cell biological, biochemical, and imaging studies. The insights from these studies have informed on the principles and mechanisms of cell biology common to all eukaryotes and provided insights into age-dependent birth defects, human disease, and drought tolerance.

In the News

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