Douglas Dreger

Professor of Geophysics
Dept of Earth and Planetary Science
(510) 643-1719
(510) 643-5811
Research Expertise and Interest
wave propagation, geophysics, earth and planetary sciences, waveform data, geophysical inverse problems, seismic radiation, regional distance methodology, crustal structure affects on ground motions in the greater San Francisco Bay area
Research Description

Douglas Dreger received his B.S. in geophysics from UC Riverside in 1987 and bothe his M.S. and Ph.D in geophysics from Cal Tech, the first in 1989 and the second in 1992.

He lists the foci of his current research as nuclear event discrimination using regional distance moment tensors, waveform investigation of seismic source, wave propagation, and Earth structure problems including geophysical inverse problems, investigating anomalous seismic radiation of Mammoth Lakes, CA, events, the development of a regional distance methodology to rapidly determine near-source strong ground motion shaking levels, and investigation of 3D crustal structure affects on ground motions in the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Additionally, he is working to develop robust automated procedures to analyze earthquakes as they occur and to report strong shaking levels on a local and regional scale.

In the News

December 9, 2010

Project will monitor tremor activity beneath San Andreas Fault

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has donated $1.2 million to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory to install a small network of earthquake sensors around the San Andreas Fault at Cholame to monitor faint tremors that have been discovered in the area.