Don Moore

Research Expertise and Interest

negotiation, judgment and decision making, Overconfidence, biases, forecasting

Research Description

Don Moore is the Lorraine Tyson Mitchell Professor of Leadership and Communication at Haas School of Business.  He studies human overconfidence, including when people think they are better than they actually are, when people think they are better than others, and when people are too sure they know the truth. Understanding the psychological origins of overconfidence sheds light on its implications for human decisions, as well as for organizations and markets. He is interested in when confidence contributes to performance and when it undermines it. This interest takes his research to many specific applied domains, including leadership, negotiation, and forecasting.

In the News

America on edge: Berkeley scholars’ early election thoughts

UC Berkeley scholars awoke Wednesday, Nov. 4 to signs of a deeply divided U.S. electorate, and no blue wave on the horizon. Despite a surge in early voting, ballots were still being counted in several battleground states. As of noon that day, the race between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden remained too close to call. 
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