Dennis Levi wearing optical machinery

Research Expertise and Interest

optometry, vision science, pattern vision, abnormal visual development

Research Description

Dennis Levi is a professor of Optometry and Vision Science, and a professor of Neuroscience.  The research focus of the Levi Lab is on recovery of visual function in humans with amblyopia beyond the critical period.  Their research, using perceptual learning and videogame play suggests that substantial neural plasticity may exist in the visual system of adults with amblyopia. Their long-range objectives are to understand the mechanisms that limit spatial vision in humans with amblyopia, with the ultimate goal of developing new approaches aimed at more effective treatment.

In the News

Playing video games helps adults with lazy eye

African American activists have long recognized the potential power of visual imagery to advance their quest for self-determination. Faculty member Leigh Raiford, in a new book, explores the role of photography in the black freedom struggle — from the heyday of the white lynch mob to the Civil Rights movement and the Black Power era.

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