David Wagner

Research Expertise and Interest

computer security, secure electronic voting, web security, mobile security, cellphone security

Research Description

David Wagner is the Carl J. Penther Chair in Engineering and a professor in the Computer Science Division at the University of California at Berkeley with extensive experience in computer security and cryptography. He and his Berkeley colleagues are known for discovering a wide variety of security vulnerabilities in various cellphone standards, 802.11 wireless networks, and other widely deployed systems. In addition, David was a co-designer of one of the Advanced Encryption Standard candidates, and he remains active in the areas of computer security, cryptography, and privacy. David is currently active in studying mobile security and smartphone security, especially security for apps on platforms such as Android, iPhone, and others. David also studies web security and other topics related to security on the Internet. David also studies e-voting security. In 2004, David co-authored an analysis of SERVE, a Internet voting system proposed by the Pentagon for overseas and military voters. The report, which described multiple security flaws in the system, led to the project's cancellation. David is a member of the federal advisory committee tasked with developing standards for next-generation voting systems.

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