Research Expertise and Interest

observational astrophysics, galaxies, stars, cosmology, early Universe, dark matter

Research Description

Dan Weisz's research broadly focuses on stars and galaxies and their evolution over cosmic time.  He is particularly known for his work in the fields of galaxy archaeology and near-field cosmology, which connects nearby galaxies to our broader understanding of how the Universe formed.  He is leading multiple major Hubble Space Telescope programs that in the process of surveying the local Universe and complements this with observations from the Keck telescope in Hawaii.  As the principle investigator of an Early Release Science program for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) he is building the foundation for JWST to become the premier facility for studies of nearby galaxies.  He is involved in several future space missions including the Roman Space Telescope and the building a new space telescope called the Ultra-Violet Explorer, an all-sky UV mission that could launch in 2028.

In the News

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