Chung-Pei Ma

Research Expertise and Interest

astrophysics, black hole, dark matter, cosmology, formation and evolution of galaxies, cosmic microwave background radiation

Research Description

Chung-Pei Ma is a professor in the Department of Physics and the Department of Astronomy. Her primary research interests are in theoretical cosmology and astrophysics. Among the topics she has studied include the properties of dark matter and dark energy, the cosmic microwave background, gravitational lensing, galaxy formation and evolution, supermassive black holes, and the large-scale structure of the universe.  She occasionally manages to climb out of the dark and lumpy universe; during these sunny moments (or rather, moonless nights), she has enjoyed collaborations with observers in studying properties of galaxies using telescopes at Palomar and Keck.

In the News

Record massive black holes discovered lurking in monster galaxies

UC Berkeley astronomer Chung-Pei Ma, graduate student Nicholas McConnell and colleagues have discovered the largest black holes to date ‑- two monsters with masses equivalent to 10 billion suns that are threatening to consume anything, even light, within a region five times the size of our solar system.

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