Dr. Chris Schell sets a wildlife camera trap in the East Bay, CA. His lab uses these devices and other techniques (e.g., GPS collars, roadkill collections) to monitor how wildlife populations adapt to life in cities.

Research Expertise and Interest

behavioral ecology, urban ecology, One Health, social-ecological dynamics, environmental justice

Research Description

Christopher J. Schell is an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. Research in the Schell Lab combines animal behavior, physiology, urban biodiversity conservation, environmental justice, and One Health to investigate how carnivores – namely coyotes, foxes, and raccoons – adapt to life in cities. This transdisciplinary work aims to disentangle how environmental injustices have structured our urban ecosystems and how we can harness those lessons to build more just, biodiverse, and resilient cities. A born-and-raised Los Angeleno now firmly planted in the Bay Area, Schell weaves his lived experiences as a Black man and Californian to co-produce justice- and equity-centered research programs with local communities that regenerate urban nature, environmental health, and access for all peoples.

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