Christine Wildsoet

Christine Wildsoet

Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
School of Optometry
(510) 643-4472
(510) 643-5109
Research Expertise and Interest
optometry, vision science, myopia, refractive errors, accommodation, aberrations, eye growth, ocular therapeutics, optical myopia control, pharmacological myopia control, ocular tissue engineering, ocular stem cells
Research Description

The research at Wildsoet Lab is largely focused refractive development and myopia (short-sightedness). Cell and tissue cultures, as well as animal models (chicks and guinea pigs), and humans are used on on-going basic and more clinical research directed towards:

  • Understanding eye growth regulation and myopia, including the local signal pathways linking the retina (seeing layer) with the outer support structures, i.e., choroidal and scleral components of the eye wall, the role of the retinal pigment epithelium as a cellular relay, and role of intraocular pressure as a potential inflationary force.
  • Understanding mechanisms underlying currently used myopia control strategies, including optical and pharmacological interventions, as well as developing novel approaches, including gene therapy- and tissue engineering-based ones.
  • Understanding the current myopia epidemic and specifically the underlying visual and behavioral factors that drive myopia and/or offer protection from myopia.


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