Christine Wildsoet

Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
School of Optometry
(510) 643-4472
(510) 643-5109
Research Expertise and Interest
optometry, vision science, myopia, refractive errors, accommodation, aberrations, eye growth, ocular therapeutics, optical myopia control, pharmacological myopia control, ocular tissue engineering, ocular stem cells
Research Description

My work mainly concerns refractive development and myopia (short-sightedness). My research involves cell and tissue culture as well as animal models and humans and is directed towards:

  • Understanding the mechanisms underlying eye growth (scleral) regulation including the role of intraocular pressure and myopia.
  • Developing myopia control strategies, using optical, pharmacological and tissue engineering approaches.

I also am interested more generally in ocular therapeutic and public health aspects of ocular disease.

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