Cecile Gaubert

Research Expertise and Interest

international trade, economic geography

Research Description

Cecile Gaubert is an associate professor in the department of Economics at UC Berkeley. She is also a Faculty Research Fellow at NBER and a Research Affiliate in the International Trade / Regional Economics programme at CEPR. Her primary research interests lie at the intersection of Economic Geography and International Trade.  She studies how the spatial distribution of economic activity within a country affects a country productivity and welfare. Her work has also focused on the causes and consequences of spatial inequality. She has pioneered innovative quantitative methodologies to analyze the rationale and the consequences of place-based policies, both in terms of economic efficiency and inequality. Cecile Gaubert was awarded the NSF CAREER award and the Sloan Fellowship in 2020. She completed her Ph.D. in Economics at Princeton University in 2014.

In the News

Nine young faculty named 2020 Sloan Fellows

Nine young faculty members at UC Berkeley have been awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship, an honor given yearly to the brightest up-and-coming scientists in the United States and Canada.
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