Cati V. de los Ríos

Research Expertise and Interest

literacy, reading, bi/multilingual education

Research Description

Cati V. de los Ríos is an Assistant Professor of Adolescent Literacy and Bi/Multilingual Education at UC Berkeley’s School of Education. She applies critical, sociocultural, and translingual theories to examine the literacy and language practices of immigrant, transnational, and racialized bi/multilingual youth populations. Her ethnographic and participatory research is situated at the axes of literacy studies, educational anthropology, sociolinguistics, folklore studies  and ethnic studies, with an emphasis on studying the unitary linguistic and semiotic repertoires that Latina/o/x youth and families deploy and develop across sociocultural settings. de los Ríos's empirical work examines 1) secondary teachers' critical and translanguaging pedagogies in literacy classrooms; and 2) bi/multilingual youths’ creative expressivity and critical translingual literacies. Her scholarship highlights the diversity of resources (e.g. cultural, linguistic, musical, civic) that racialized bi/multilingual youth engage to participate intellectually and socially across educational contexts. 

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