Bryan D. McCloskey

Research Expertise and Interest

electrochemical energy storage, electrocatalysis, molecular and ionic transport through polymers

Research Description

The McCloskey Lab is interested in fundamental processes occurring in electrochemical systems, with a particular emphasis on batteries and electrocatalysis. Many potential battery chemistries possess high theoretical specific energies (e.g., lithium/oxygen and lithium/sulfur), and, as a result, are being explored in hope that their development may lead to an increase in practical battery energy density compared to currently available batteries. However, for these batteries to become a commercial reality, material challenges that cause rechargeability and rate capability limitations need to be addressed. Their research efforts are motivated by the opportunity these material challenges, as well as related materials challenges for oxygen and carbon dioxide reduction electrocatalysis, present. Accordingly, their laboratory’s objective is to characterize fundamental electrochemistry occurring at multi-phase interfaces to provide design insight for energy storage, electrocatalysis, and corrosion-resistant materials. By employing various state-of-the-art techniques, they use insights gained from fundamental chemical and electrochemical characterization to direct materials development that will lead to improvements in electrochemical systems operation.

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