Research Expertise and Interest

neuroscience, remote sensing, networks, statistical machine learning, high-dimensional inference, massive data problems, document summarization.

Research Description

Bin Yu is the Class of 1936 Second Chair in the College of Letters and Science and a professor in the Department of Statistics.  Her research interests are varied and included empirical processes, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, information theory and signal processing. She is currently working on statistical machine learning theory and algorithms to extract useful information from large data sets from remote sensing, data networks (internet and social networks), neuroscience and document summarization for social scientists and media analysis.

In the News

When Data Science Meets Medicine

Bin Yu, a 2022 Fellow with the UC Noyce Initiative, is applying cutting edge data science techniques to pressing issues in health and medicine.

Getting the right equipment to the right people

Hospitals are suffering from an acute shortage of emergency medical supplies, including masks, gowns, gloves and ventilators. However, the medical industry is struggling to determine the places that need them the most. Bin Yu, a professor of statistics and of electrical engineering and computer sciences, is working with nonprofit organization Response4Life to connect suppliers with hospitals in need.

Seeking Data Wisdom

Bin Yu’s statistical strategies work hand in hand with intense computation to penetrate storms of data.

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