Avideh Zahkor

Avideh Zakhor

Division of Electrical Engineering/EECS
(510) 643-6777
(510) 642-2739
Research Expertise and Interest
signal processing, image processing, computer vision
Research Description

Research Projects

Transcribing the 3D world to the visually impaired

Drone based 3D building reconstruction, scene segmentation, and obstacle avoidance

EO/IR sensor fusion for aerial object detection with drones

Few shot and one shot learning algorithms for images and point clouds

Unsupervised temporal LiDAR prediction and object detection 

Fast, deep learning methods for bar code segmentation and detection in very high resolution images

Recognition aware deep learning based image compression

Automated Segmentation and Area Assessment of Invasive Melanoma Using Deep Learning

WiFi based indoor proximity detection with applications to Covid-19 contract tracing


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