Alvin Cheung

Research Expertise and Interest

program analysis, program synthesis, database application performance, big systems, big data, database management, database management systems, database design and construction, programming languages and compilers, programming languages

Research Description

Alvin Cheung is an associate professor in the Division of Computer Science.  His research interests include program analysis, program synthesis, improving database application performance, and building big systems in general. Some current research themes:

  • Verified lifting is a new technique for inferring properties of programs. They have applied this to database applications (QBS), stencil computations (STNG), programmable switches (Domino), parallel data processing frameworks (Casper), and the SandCat project.
  • Leveraging programming languages techniques to build and optimize data management systems:CosetteHyperloop, and LightDB.
  • Improving end user programming across different domains: CodeNNConcode, and Scythe.

In the News

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